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Activation Method Coaching is a coaching technique that helps people find the inner resources they need to take the positive action to meet their goals. Clients achieve profound growth and change by finding empowering meaning in their current life circumstances. Through coaching, you discover how you've been meeting your needs so that you're able to lean into new choices which are powerful and sustainable.

During our first session and then through weekly coaching sessions, we evaluate what parts of your life need the most urgent attention and create actionable plans to create the desired change.

This is all done using YOUR inner strengths and resources. (You have them, even if you don't realize it yet.)

As your coach, I lead you through these proven strategies, act as your accountability partner, your cheerleader, and your sounding board. Together we uncover what's been tripping you up, and with proven hacks and creative strategies we shine a flashlight that illuminates everything you're doing well, at the same time that it shines a light to help you transform and blow past what may have been stumbling blocks in the past. 

It's exciting, it's energizing, and it's healing.

You can do it.

  • "Understanding Your Life's Success Zones" powerful insights = powerful...

    1 hr

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