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Strategic Intervention Coach

Take Action. Create the Life you'll Love.


I'm Linda Mordan, and I'm so glad you're here!

I'm a coach for women and men who want to create more happiness and success in their careers, lives and relationships.

Wondering if coaching is for you? 

  • CREATE the momentum you need to begin to change the areas of your life you most want to transform.

  • FIND clarity around the changes you want to see - and feel - in your life, and put into action the steps to get you there. Quickly.

  • RECEIVE the guidance and support you need to take the leap to get unstuck and moving forward in your life.

  • BE AMAZED at what you can accomplish, both during our sessions, and with the tools  for success that you'll add to your resources each time we meet. Resources you'll carry forward.

  • OPEN UP new possibilities in life, relationships and career. Your potential is limitless.

I look forward to working with you.

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Life can be full of "What ifs"...

Together, we'll create powerful new ones!


  • What if you had everything you need already within you?

  • What if someone recognized all your potential and helped you bring it forward?

  • What if you had all the support you need?

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